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Part-Time Jobs



In this lesson we are going to learn new vocabulary about part-time jobs (trabajos a tiempo parcial).

Part-time jobs vocabulary

Now, let’s practice with a listening comprehension:

Listening task 1_ Part-Time Jobs

Exercises listening task 1: Listening task 1. Part-time-jobs. Ex. A,B

Now let’s practice with job interviews:

Listening task 2_Job Interviews

Exercises listening task 2: Listening task 2_JOB INTERVIEWS_PDFListening task 2_Job interviews_PDF

Let’s learn the Present Continous with Harry Potter

Watch this scene from Harry Potter’s film: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and after that do the exercises in your notebook:


Fill in the blanks with the Present Continous form of the verbs in brackets:

What is happening in this scene?

  1. The troll_______________________Herminoe. (attack)
  2. Harry and Ron ______________________pieces of wood at the troll. (throw)
  3. Hermione _______________________________________. (try to escape)
  4. Harry ________________________________onto the troll’s neck. (go up)
  5. Harry _________________________________his wand into the troll’s neck. (put)
  6. The troll _____________________________Harry with his stick. (hit)
  7. Ron ____________________________magic. (do)
  8. The troll_________________________________.(fall down)
  9. Harry ____________________________his wand out of the troll’s nose. (take).
  10. Hogwarts teachers___________________________________to the students. (talk)