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Practical English Group School Year 2011_12

Let me introduce you to my Practical English group this year.

Ana P. is missing. We’ll have to take the photo again!

They are all very nice people!

The Lazy Song Lyrics

Here’s a funny video: The Lazy Song

And here are the Lyrics to the Song, by Bruno Mars.

Click on the image and answer this short questionnaire. Thank you.

Great British Weather

The Weather

“In England this is an ever-interesting, even thrilling topic, and you must be good at discussing the weather”.

How To Be An Alien, by George Mikes

Click here to practise convesations about the weather (good and bad)

Course book for Practical English 1st Bachillerato

This is the coursebook that we’ll be using this schoolyear for Practical English. It’s got positive and negative aspects. We’ll try to make the most of it!