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Thanksgiving is an American celebration. Sometimes we put too much emphasis on promoting other Anglosaxon celebrations, so, for a change, our department decided to explain this festivity to our students.

We saw the TV series Friends: The one with Chandler in the Box, which is set in Thanksgiving time. you might want to watch it. It’s fun!

Here’s is some of the material we used that some colleagues kindly sent me.




If you pity turkeys, here’s a funny poet, in solidarity with them:

Benjamin Zephaniah Talking Turkeys

Three Promises: Casting

Here are a couple of pictures from the casting for the theater play.

All the 1st ESO PEV students did very well!

A big applause!

4th ESO

Let me introduce you to my 4th ESO students.

They are very nice people

andĀ little by little they are learning the English Irregular Verbs by heart!:-)

More photos here!