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Learning English with songs

Listening carefully to English songs and repeat or sing the lyrics will help you to improve your pronunciation. Besides, it will increase your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar structures. You will start using thos structures in your speaking. On the other hand, you will improve your listening comprehension.

Here are some videos with lyrics:

You can practice the pronunciation of -ed ending.

Task: find an English song that you can understand and work with lyrics. Here you have the instructions for the task.

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Pronunciation of -ed ending

img_2394-e1572776552764.jpgVery often my students are not aware of the importance of pronouncing English words correctly. The sounds of a language change the meaning of a word. For example, if you want to make the difference between the present simple and the past simple of a regular verb, you need to pronounce the -ed ending correctly.

I want- I wanted

We practised with the picture taken from https://www.woodwardenglish.com/