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Optional Subject


Pancakes are typical in the US and Americans usually have them for Sunday breakfast or for brunch!

Here are some photos of my students making pancakes. They are really good at cooking!!!


Many hands make the work lighter!


And here’s some country music.



Thanksgiving is an American celebration. Sometimes we put too much emphasis on promoting other Anglosaxon celebrations, so, for a change, our department decided to explain this festivity to our students.

We saw the TV series Friends: The one with Chandler in the Box, which is set in Thanksgiving time. you might want to watch it. It’s fun!

Here’s is some of the material we used that some colleagues kindly sent me.




If you pity turkeys, here’s a funny poet, in solidarity with them:

Benjamin Zephaniah Talking Turkeys

Three Promises: Casting

Here are a couple of pictures from the casting for the theater play.

All the 1st ESO PEV students did very well!

A big applause!

The Franklin’s Tale: `Three Promises´

Theatre is an excellent way of practicing pronunciation in a foreign language. It also helps to personal development and encourages social relationships within the school community.

This school year, we are going to give it a try! Students from 1st ESO PEV will be actors and actresses. My students from Practical English(1st Year of Bachillerato)  will be the narrators. We will see what happens!

Here you can find the audio of the tale to practice your role: Three Promises

Antes de que Salga el Sol

New York

Last Monday, I asked my students to prepare an oral presentation, talking about a likely destination for a school trip. The aim was persuading their classmates that theirs was their best option.

What do you think?

Marina and Ana Peydró prepared this wonderful powerPoint on New York. Well done! girls.

The Lottery Ticket


Here’s a listening  activity . First, students have to look at the pictures, trying to put them in order. Then they listen to the story and check their predictions.

This photocopy TheLotteryTicket was coloured by Mónica. Nice, isn’t it?

Do you want to try to guess the order of the pictures?

It would be nice if this story happened to you…


Rhymes are useful
Rhymes are good
Try to play
That’s the way
Here’s a recording of my students reading a rhyme about the rain:

Role Play

Role Plays are a very good way of practising a language. It is creative and it can be fun. My students did  very well with this one: One student plays the role of a receptionist at a school or university and the other one is a student who has to choose an optional subject.

English Rhymes

This year, we are going to learn some rhymes in English. They are very good to learn a foreign language and they help to develop your memory.


Practical English Group School Year 2011_12

Let me introduce you to my Practical English group this year.

Ana P. is missing. We’ll have to take the photo again!

They are all very nice people!