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Women’s Day 2023

Today we are celebrating Women’s Day. I’d like to share the work of Emil Ferris, a very interesting woman who drew a comic with a BIC ballpen: “Lo que más me gustan son los monstruos”.


Valentine’s Day Quest

Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

Comic creation

A very famous Spanish comic is “Mortadelo y Filemón”, created by the greatest comic book artist Francisco Ibáñez.

Francisco Ibánez

In English, there are very important artists, like Jim Lee, Frank Miller, etc

Onomatopeias are often used in the comic strips. Here are some in English:

Connectors or linking words in English

Connectors are words which help us link the ideas in a text (oral or written).

Inspirational People

Jesse owens was one of the greatest olympians ever. He broke speed world records in athletics.

Do you know any inspirational person? Who is he/she? What has he/she achieved? Why does he/she inspire you?


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Top inventions of all time

Burns Day

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